Thursday, March 12, 2009

Read an Ebook Week

More than a day late, and a few bucks short, I'm here to remind you folks that it's Read an Ebook Week. Now, for me, pretty much every week is Read an Ebook Week, but for some of y'all, not so much (which is why I picked a publisher who also does print).

I'm not going to bore you all by sermonizing on why ebooks are totally blammo. If you're here, even if you're the type who swears you'll give up print books when someone pries them from your cold, dead fingers, you can probably list many of the benefits of digital books. What I am going to do is tell you to head over to ShannonC's website and check out her author interviews here, here and here. Being the glutton for punishment *ahem*, I mean dedicated ebook fan and supportive buddy that she is, she asked me to participate, as well, and my interview will be up tomorrow. For any of you who haven't yet given my books a go, she'll be giving away one of mine to one lucky commentor, yay!

You might also note that she mentions Crossing Swords in her romance book meme, as one book she wished she had written. I don't think I could find a better compliment anywere. Thanks, babe. :)


ETA: My interview is up. :)

There. I blogged. Happy now, Seeley? :P


MB (Leah) said...

If I could I would read only ebooks. I've come to loathe paper now. Although I do like looking at purty covers. :D

Can't wait to read your interview tomorrow!

Word veri: dedrin

kirsten saell said...

Since I got my Sony, I love ebooks more than ever. I have to constantly remind myself that I have a stack of print books sitting on my night table. They're so easy to forget about.

When I first got the Sony, I reflexively tried to "turn pages" and then would glance up to see if anyone noticed me looking like an idjit. But now I find myself going to push the refresh button on print books, LOL.

Can't wait to read your interview tomorrow!

Actually, I posted last night, so tomorrow is today! Yay!

word veri: focked. Someone trying to tell me something?

laughingwolf said...

kindle2 is supposed to be the cat's ass, k... at $300+, not something i'm gonna rush out to get

kirsten saell said...

Hah! You can't have the Kindle anyway, since they're only available in the US. And honestly, after all the annoying promotional emails I get from Amazon after I bought ONE book from them ONE time about a year ago, I'm not that interested in giving them any more of my money.

But the Sony 505, well, I heard they were going for half price at Circuit City--that's $150 (don't know whether that sale's going on in Canada, tho). Not half bad.

I managed to get my Sony by finagling it for Christmas. Better than a vacuum cleaner or a bunch of clothes that don't fit...

laughingwolf said...

lol... too true

i bought some books from and they keep flooding my other email with promos

charles gramlich loves his kindle2 [he's a psych prof/author], but he lives in louisiana...

Tiah said...

Ebooks are wonderful for those of us who are embarrassed by some book covers. ;0)

Seeley deBorn said...

delirious with joy

kirsten saell said...

See, Tiah, I'm not embarrassed by man-titty (or even woman-titty) covers, but I do have problems with ugly ones. There are some gorgeous covers out there, even from epubs, and the only thing I dislike about e-ink is no color. :(

Delirious with joy, Seeley? Over me blogging? Dude.