Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

Warning: huge, whiney, complainy post ahead...

Ever have one of those days where it just feels like you're waiting and waiting and waiting? For me, that day is today.

Waiting on that first royalty statement to find out how Healer's Touch did in its release month. Will it sell better than Crossing Swords did? I have to assume so, since it actually made the top ten at MBaM for almost a day, yay! Will Crossing Swords experience a surge in sales this month due to Healer's' release?

Waiting on final approval for the cover for Bound by Steel, which is so smokin' hot as is that I can only imagine how scorching it will be if it's undergoing a face-lift.

Waiting for reviewers to do their thing. I only wish they were all as flattering as Madame Butterfly was in her haste to read and lavish praise on Healer's Touch. At the same time, dreading the moment when those reviews go up, on the chance that they are scathing, or worse, tepid.

Waiting for my stepson and his friends to go home so I can have my house back. You have no idea what it's like to have four 21-year-olds, three kids and two adults living in a 1200 square foot, three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath house with no basement.

Waiting for my kids to go back to school so I can actually write.

Waiting for October, when Bound by Steel releases. At the same time, dreading October because I promised my editor I would have Chancellor's Bride finished and in her hot little hand by Hallowe'en.

Waiting for the rain to stop and the sun come back. Please, please come back, summer.

Waiting for customers to walk in the door. I mean, it's the last dang Wednesday of the month (otherwise known as "Welfare Wednesday"), the day everyone's government money comes in: GST rebates and child tax benefits and guaranteed income supplements and welfare cheques and pension cheques and all that, and usually it's so busy in here I can't even check my email. But today, for some reason, I have had two--count 'em--two tables since I came in at 11. It is now 1:30.

Waiting waiting waiting for the other waitress to get here at 5 so I can go home. And wait some more.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the weather is to blame for my discontent. It's been pouring rain and cold (12C) all week--we even had hail, ffs. I guess we already had our summer on the North Island, and it was all of three and a half weeks long.



Madame Butterfly said...

Oh man, I feel for you. I know what waiting is like. Just be done already, right? LOL

If you want, I can do a totally trash review of your book so you can get that angst about a crappy review over with.

Then also you can feel like you've made it as well! LOL

I hope all your waiting is worth it and that all positive things come of it.

Why was I in haste? It couldn't come out fast enough for me. :D

laughingwolf said...

i hear ye on the weather, k... nothing but rain for weeks, down to 13C at nite, barely 20 in daylite

the reviews will be good, i feel it!

as for the kids, boot em ;)) lol

kirsten saell said...

Yeah, MB, it feels like my life is in a holding pattern right now.

And don't you dare do a trash review of my books, LOL! Well, you could do a private one, just for me if you like...

Oh, laughingwolf, you have no idea. 12C is the daytime high right now. Haven't seen the sun more than five minutes at a time in more than a week. My stepson's friends came all the way from California for this crap? If it goes on much longer, I won't have to boot them. :D

Seeley deBorn said...

Dammit, now I have Tom Petty in my head.

kirsten saell said...

Then my evil plan has come to fruition! Bwahahahaha!