Monday, April 13, 2009

Excerpt Monday!

It's excerpt Monday at Romance Divas, where promo-minded Divas have provided links to snippets from WIPs, contracted works and soon-to-be-released books. I posted the link to my own Chancellor's Bride--and FYI, I've also put up three new excerpts for works in progress on the Free Reads page of my website, if you all are interested in what I'm working on.

Go. Read. Have some fun.

Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin (with poll)
Cami’s First Kiss by Bria Quinlan
Excerpt Monday by Mel B (silentdreamer)
A Halloween Novella by Vivienne Westlake
Monday Excerpt by Maureen McCarrie
Monday Excerpt by Crista McHugh
Another Time, Another Place by T. Sue Versteeg
Monday Excerpt by Kinsey Holly
Del Fantasma by Becca Sheridan-Furrow
The Chancellor’s Bride by Kirsten Saell (Excerpt rating: PG, Site Rating: NC-17)
Scenting Cinnamon by Ella Drake (Rating: NC-17)
Asking for It by Kate Willoughby (Rating: PG-13)
21st Century Courtesan by Eden Bradley (Rating: Adult)
Excerpt Monday by Evie Byrne (Excerpt rating: PG, Site Rating: NC-17)
A Run for the Money by Gina Ardito
The Scroll Thief by R.F. Long
Resisting Kane by Stephanie Adkins
Inheritance by Lynne Chandler
The Encounter by Rose London (Rating: Adult)
Dying Embers by B.E. Sanderson
More than Magic by Babette James
First in the Soulguard series by Amber Gilchrist


Gina Ardito said...

I just love the setup, Kirsten. I'm a sucker for damsel-in-distress stuff. And this one has a terrific twist. What a great opening!

kirsten saell said...

Ooh, thanks, Gina! I entered a couple of the scenes from C'sB in Diva contests (the first kiss and the argument) and got lots of good feedback there.

Divas are freaking blamm0!

Of course, it's gonna take me ages to work my way through all those fellow Divas' excerpts. :P

Crista said...

Great opening - I loved the imagery you used. It definitely helped bring the atmosphere to life.

Ella Drake said...

Great scene. Descriptions put me there, the reactions of Collin got me into his character, and the intro of the woman is mysterious and intriguing. Makes me want to read more.

Anonymous said...

Loved your excerpt. Congrats on the contract with Samhein! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new site, Kirsten! And I noticed you have a m/m/f coming out. My kind of story ;)

MB (Leah) said...

Nice idea posting excerpts like that. I went over to Jeannie's and read hers. Very interesting.

Read yours the other day and love it!

Also read the excerpt for Rhianna and Lianon's story. Yes... it's gonna be smokin, I can tell. :D

kirsten saell said...

Thanks, everyone. :D

As for Lianon and Rhianna--smokin', Leah? I'm not sure. I mean, I'm at 10 000 words, and they haven't even kissed yet. Weird.

MB (Leah) said...

smokin', Leah? I'm not sure. I mean, I'm at 10 000 words, and they haven't even kissed yet. Weird.Oh yeah, you writing it? It's gonna be smokin. :D

And I can already feel the heat between them...even though, they haven't even kissed yet.