Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rumors of My Demise

...have been greatly exaggerated.

Yes, I know, it's been a week and a half since I last blogged, but you'll be pleased to know I haven't been killed, arrested or committed to a mental institution (not for lack of trying, though--three squares a day, all the valium you can eat, and no kids hollering at you? I'll take it!).

I've been spending the last while ignoring my backyard, despite several days of sun, but today I have vowed to cut the six or eight inches of winter growth off my lawn and maybe weed the front flower bed. I even bought gas for my lawn mower this morning as an act of good faith. I've also been fighting the bi-annual war of attrition with my walking hair factory. My new dog, George, may be less than half the size of the late, lamented Slip, but she generates fur like it's going out of style. Another week, and I'll have enough raw materials to build a whole new dog--better, stronger, faster than the old one, and hopefully quieter too.

I finally got my taxes filed, too. All right, I brought them to the magical tax lady, who also brews wine for me, and she did them for me. And due to the fact that I'm now making money off my writing, and can claim all kinds of expenses I'd never even thought I could claim, I'm getting money back. Not a lot, but considering the fact that had I done my own return this year I probably would have ended up owing, I'm overjoyed. Gotta love a woman who can conjure money out of thin air and keep you supplied in booze. :)

I've also been jumping in and getting all up close and personal in several online discussions of f/f love and eroticism in the romance genre, which, considering my WIP, is a subject that looms large in my mind at the moment. Last week, it seemed there was a new post every other day dealing with the issue, and in a rare departure from the norm, they've pretty much managed to maintain a civil and respectful tone with nary a "girl parts are icky" to be found. My blogging buddy, Leah, will be posting a link round-up on LVLM in the next day or two, including some cool posts from a year or two ago that anyone interested in female bisexuality and the fluidity of attraction and arousal might find useful.

I've also been plugging along with Lianon and Rhianna's story, adding 1000+ words/day. It's now sitting at almost the halfway point (unless I decide to up the final word count, which could very well happen, considering it's taken more than 17000 words just to get Lianon's hand up Rhianna's skirt. I know, for the queen of Page One Sex, this may seem unusual, but I think it works. At least I hope it does. Granted, there is sex before that--but it's not between the hero[ine] and the heroine).

I am, however, in a bit of a quandary regarding the title of this tome. The story, which involves Lianon leaving a fulfilling but fairly casual m/f relationship to pursue another woman, will end in her giving up the business of hired thuggery in favor of a more mundane lifestyle. Several titles have come to mind, but liberally laced with puntastic cheese and lame double entendres, they're right up there with Two Scabbards, One Sword (the cheesetacular working title of Bound by Steel).

Giving Up the Sword? Um, maybe not.

Sheathing the Sword? Yikes.

Sword and Satin? Blurgh.

Anyway, if any of you all have some ideas that don't involve thinly veiled phallic/vaginal symbolism, I'd be much obliged if you'd suggest them in the comments. :)


Aislinn Kerry said...

What about Satin and Steel? No sword double entendre, but it keeps the nice contrast between Lianon and Rhiannon's personalities. :)

MB (Leah) said...

Kirsen-- you have such a fun life. :D

Congrats on making even more money off your books by getting money back on taxes.

About the title--

Aislinn's is very nice. I like it.

What I got?

Girl Meets Boy meets Girl- totally lamo.

or our ever favorite,

Humping the Home Team. :P

Sorry, I'm not very creative.

Word veri: Tusar-- sounds like a cool name.

kirsten saell said...

That is kinda nice, Ais. And not phallic at all, yay!

And those are very...interesting suggestions, Leah.

Fun, huh? I don't even have a full sized lot, and I got 18 mower bags full of clippings. Yes, 18 full-to-bursting mower bags.

The nice thing is my ex and I had two mowers before we separated--one we'd used, the other we hadn't. I gave him the one we were using when he moved out, and this one is 100% better. #1, it has a bag. #2, it doesn't stall whenever you push it over the moss, which is three inches deep in spots. Gonna make cutting the grass much easier.

word ver: osesti. Paired with yours, sounds like a mage: Tusar Osesti. I like it. :)

Cathy in AK said...

Your books sound right up my alley (no pun intended, I swear!). Onto the TBB list they go.

I like Aislinn's title suggestion, too.

kirsten saell said...

Sure, no pun intended, huh? LOL

Thanks, Cathy, I hope you enjoy them--and feel free to let me know, whether you thought they were awesome, or whether you thought they sucked raw eggs through a milkshake straw. I welcome reader feedback of any kind. :)

sylvia said...

First thing that came to mind was The Dull Blade which is not very helpful, really.

Usually, a line from the WIP jumps out at me as a title but I know that's not how you work. These are somewhat random but I needed an easy creative exercise today and maybe they will spark something off. Hmm, spark...

A Single Spark
The Scent of Orchids
A Most Dangerous Diversion
The Gentler Kiss
An Unexpected Destiny
Cross My Heart

laughingwolf said...

grats k, that's great news...

time to incorporate yourself as a company for even more savings!

aislinn nailed it, methinks :)