Tuesday, July 21, 2009

if it doesn't rain...

I'm currently on the road on an emergency trip to help a friend, and won't be around until late tonight. And it's release day. Oy.

As far as The Chancellor's Bride goes, how about you all think up some goofy pick-up lines two men would use to woo a reluctant woman into their bed? Make them funny. Make them lolcat. Whatever. Leave as many as you like in the comments. Winner gets a copy.

No time for more--gotta check out and hit the ground running. Next stop, Canadian border. In four hours...

ETA: I'm home, got in late last night. Will be around off and on today because I have to work. Oh, and I already got an email from a reader telling me how much they loved the book--how's that for fast? I'm pretty stoked. Hugs. :)


Amy C said...

I hope all is well with your friend.

happy release day! I got my copy first thing this morning when it was up for sale :) I can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Release day, Kirsten!!

MB (Leah) said...

Yay! congrats. :D

Gonna get me my copy tonight.

Hope you made it home safe with no problemas.

sarabelle said...

Happy release day! I would love to read this book.

sarabelle said...

First guy: Walks up to lady and asks if it hurt.

lady: asks did what hurt

Second guy: when you fell from heaven Angel.

I know so cornnnnny.

Tiah said...

Two men motion with their fingers "hey come here" telling the woman across the bar to come to them.

Girl comes over.

"If we made you come with just our fingers in a bar, imagine what we could do to you in a bed?"

Anonymous said...

A woman sits at a bar playing with her stir stick.
One man sits on her left. One man sits on her right.
"So, we were wondering..." The man on her right says.
"...do you like special sauce?" says the man on her left.
"Special sauce?"
"Yep," Says the man on her right. "We'll provide the pickles for this sandwich," he said pressing closer as his friend did the same. "But we need to know if we have to hold the sauce."


I'm terrible at pick up lines.
I always used my favorite. "Wanna fuck?"
Hey. I never got turned down.

jenn said...

After we watched the viking battle reenactment, they let the kids come onto the field and whack a fully armoured fully grown men with foam pipe insulation.

Kid had a blast.


Guy who was sitting next to me finds me in the market area and says, "Hey, so I got some pics of your son on the field during the battle. Can I email them to you?"

Um, dude you took pics of my kid to try to pick me up?? Creep! No.

kirsten saell said...

Oh, dude, ewwww.

Although people use kids and pets to break the ice all the time. The fact he took pics wouldn't bother me as much as the whole digging for your email addie thing.

Lynn said...

The two men approach the lady in question.

"Excuse me. My friend and I have a question that we're hoping you can answer, you might call it a research question.

(If she hasn't already fled the scene.) "What might that be?"

Men exchange pointed glances. "If one is good, wouldn't two be twice as good?" Second guy is equipped with a small notebook and pen. They are both sporting seductive grins.

"Can I put you in the 'yes' column?"

Pretty bad, but I think they would have to be extremely inventive to make this work.