Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Okay, when I disappear, I really disappear

Yes, it has been a while. More than two weeks, in fact, since I last blogged.

Can't say I even have a good excuse. I've been putzing around the net, lurking but not commenting, ignoring my writing, not doing much housework, just generally being a bum. I think it's likely the weather getting to me as it always does when the days finally start getting dark and short.

In addition, H1N1 has hit my house. My oldest came down with a fever, aches, joint stiffness and a cough on Wednesday, my daughter--always prone to extreme gastrointestinal distress--started bazooka barfing on Saturday morning, and Blammo got me up at 4 Monday morning with vomiting and headache. He had a nasty, phlegmy cough that made him sound like Tom Waits, a fever of 102 and a stuffy nose when we got up this morning. I took the day off work so I can keep a close eye on him. Unfortunately, whenever I give him enough Tylenol to bring his fever down and dampen the headache, he stops acting sick and starts acting like a regular, hyper kid who's cooped up indoors. Oy.

So far I have not succumbed, but usually once Blammo gets something, I'm next. I'll update in a day or two to let you know.

Good news is, it seems to be mild in all three cases. Firstborn was back to school yesterday--he still had a bit of a gucky throat, but wasn't even coughing anymore. Daughter is perfectly functional, but still symptomatic enough that I'll keep her home one more day. And Blammo is possibly the least miserable sick kid in the universe. No lying around and moaning for him. A shame, really. There's nothing like a mean virus to take the edge off a kid.

I am hoping to buckle down and get some real work done soon. I've just been...sorting out some stuff in my head, and I think I've mostly figured it out. Word meters should be maxing out fairly soon.

I know, famous last words... :P


MB (Leah) said...

Hey Kirsten glad you're still around. It's funny because just before I saw this post on my reader, I was thinking, "I haven't seen Kirsten post anywhere for a while, I wonder what's up?" LOL Seriously.

And then I get on the computer and there's this post.

Damn, but you've been dealing with a lot. Sick kids aren't easy. And you deserve to be lazy when you want. You usually have such a full plate.

I hope you don't get the flu. That'd totally suck. I've been fighting something off, but it doesn't seem to want to fully come out or go away. Ugh.

Nice to see you're still alive up there in Siberia. snort.

kirsten saell said...

I've been lurking, Leah. Saw your review of Meghan's Playhouse (looks interesting, BTW), but couldn't think of anything relevant or suitably witty to say. I've just lost my verve for a while.

I've been fatigued and achy for days, but I'm not sure if it's this bug trying to rear its ugly head, or my Seasonal Affective Disorder. I'm sitting here in my living room with its long wall of southfacing windows, and I'd need a light to read this if the screen wasn't backlit. It's like this even at 2 in the afternoon. Blurgh.

Siberia might be nice in comparison. :P