Monday, September 15, 2008

I Feelz Laik Reel Riter!

So the coolest thing just happened. Okay, prolly not so cool to all you non-writer types, but kinda cool for those of us who eventually want to make some real bucks at this writing gig.

I just got my galleys for the print version of Crossing Swords. For you non-writer types, a galley is kinda like the dress rehearsal for your book. It's the last version they make before it goes onto the printing press--and it's the last chance for the author to make any changes or correct stuff like spelin erurs.

In addition, Crossing Swords now has a second ISBN#--one for the ebook, another for print.

It is now officially on its way to becoming a real, dead-tree book. Yay!

In other news, Blammo was up barfing last night, and is in fine, tyrannical, 6-year-old form today. I may have to sell him to some gypsies.


Madame Butterfly said...

Whoohoos! Are you going to do what many authors do and lick the cover? :D

Oh that sucks about blammo. But he might have fun with some gypsies. Try it get a good price at least. LOL

kirsten saell said...

Actually, the nice thing about the way Samhain does print is that the galleys come by email. Everything is digital, right up to the point where they produce the actual books.

As for Blammo, ugh. I keep trying to sell him--heck, even give him away. No takers. That really says something, when people won't even take something when it's free...LOL

laughingwolf said...

grats on that, k!

sorry the wee one's ill :(

Seeley deBorn said...

Why is it that kids only barf at night??

Congrats on the galleys!

kirsten saell said...

Yeah, and why is it that they manage to get more on the floor and the bed and me than they do in the bowl?

And thanks, Seeley!