Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well, it Doesn't Rain.... pours. Of course, when it's pouring good reviews, you won't find me whining about the weather, let me tell you.

Ciar Cullen, who recently started reviewing books on her blog, just posted a "two thumbs up" review of Crossing Swords today, and she has plenty of nice things to say. She actually called my writing "superb". I am seriously blushing here.


If you've read fantasy, then you've read a tavern scene, with grime, a fireplace, floozies and quirky characters aplenty. What could have been really cliche is dead on here. The setting reminded me of the film Gangs of New York, or Oliver Twist. Am I comparing the description to Dickens? Gosh, guess I am. That's a first.

The first chapter is so good, ending with such a bang and a twist, you're totally hooked. Gil is a great hero and Lianon is a very, very sympathetic heroine. Their motivations ring true, their actions makes sense.

I am so jazzed that I've managed to impress two avid fantasy readers in as many days. It's also really cool to be compared to Dickens, whom I totally love. (Although personally, I think if Dickens had included a public blowjob in all his books, his work would have been even more popular, LOL.)

Now all I need is that one bad review so I can feel like a real writer. Any takers? LOL


Seeley deBorn said...

Not a chance.

(I told you she'd like it.)

kirsten saell said...

Come onnnnnnnnnnnn! Just one shitty review? Pleeeeeease?

You know what else rocks? December gave me a quote! Eeeeeee!

I'm the queen of the world!

laughingwolf said...

k, you deserve good stuff for all your efforts, so... go, girl!

sylvia said...

Hurray! This is great stuff - and you deserve it.

Now hurry up and finish the next one, dammit.

kirsten saell said...

aw, thanks, Sylvia! I was totally stoked about both reviews.

Next one's out on the 14th, yay!

The fourth, comment. lol