Friday, December 19, 2008

Attention Samhain Readers!!

In the spirit of transparency, the PTB at Samhain have pledged to provide a list in the New Year of their top ten bestselling books of 2008.

And because the most awesome, unique, spectacular, groundbreaking, top-quality stories (not talking about my own books, necessarily, heh) are not always the bestsellers (okay, now I am, lol), they're also giving all you readers a chance to speak up about which Samhain books you loved most. AND they've provided a place to tell them what you love about Samhain, what you think they could do better, what you want to see more of, etc.

So here's your chance, guys. Let them know what you think. And if you don't happen to pick one of my titles as your mondo-ultimate-OMG-it's-the-best-book-EVAH!!1!-all-time fave, well, I forgive you. I mean, hey. Spirit of the season and all. :D


laughingwolf said...

ok, i may :P lol

btw - my address will not change, so you can send me my book next month ;)

kirsten saell said...

It releases officially on Jan 27, but I may just have my author copies before then...


laughingwolf said...

sounds like a plan, hon :D