Sunday, December 21, 2008

Global Warming...

...where are you?

In all my years living on the North Island, it's never been so cold for so long so early in the season. I mean, yes, we've had snow in the past. It typically falls for a few hours sometime in January, then melts before the kids have time to finish building their snowman. Sometimes it sticks around for a day or two--just long enough to pay for the local body shop owner's vacation in Mexico--before our regularly scheduled rain resumes.

And yes, we've had freezing conditions before. But I've never seen the water that runs in ditches and cascades down the embankments along the highway frozen solid. Last year, for a week or so, I had to go out each morning and break the crust of ice on the top of the water in my dog's bowl. This year, we had to bring the bowl inside--once we'd chiseled it off of the surface of the deck--because it had four inches of solid ice in it. As I watched a group of poor, brave, foolhardy, insane kids sledding across the street, the wind tore a Crazy Carpet from a little girl's mittened hand to carry it half a block before depositing it on the roof of my neighbor's toolshed. Guess when you only get snow a few days a year, it's hard for a kid to pass up the chance to play in it--even when you stand to lose a body part.

Now I know all of BC--all of Canada, in fact, and a good portion of the States--is in a deep freeze. And I know, those of you in Winterpeg or Edmonton or Toronto or Halifax are probably muttering under your breath right now about where I can stuff my wussy -5C (to which I will give the standard British Columbian's reply of "But, it's a damp cold."). But with gale force gusts nudging the windchill down to -10 and lower, with snow piling up inside my carport, with the windows rattling and the heat in my barely insulated house cranked, I feel like I've earned the right to moan.

So hear it is, my big whine: It's effing cold. I don't like it. So if the Sierra Club or whoever is in charge of this global warming stuff wanted to send some my way, at this point I wouldn't complain. Come on. All I'm asking for is five degrees.


MB (Leah) said...

Well you know, we here in the Seattle area have been getting slammed with below freezing for over a week now and it's snowed 3 times.

All those in the mid-west and the east coast are probably going "oh, boo-hoo" like your Canadian friends in the same areas, but we're just not used to this crap.

I've had to shovel the drive 3 times. Something I've never had to do, evah, because it usually melts right away.

So I'll join in, what is this global warming that they speak of? LOL

kirsten saell said...

It really is a matter of just not being prepared for it.

The town doesn't even own snow removal equipment--they have a salter-sander, which does nothing at these temperatures (normally it isn't this cold unless it's clear out). No one has snow tires, and many don't even have all-season ones.

My house is heated with electric baseboard heaters (the hugest power-suckers ever) and is barely insulated. I usually only have them on for a couple months a year, and only turned up to 15C (59F). I've got them set at 25C (77F), and I'm still freezing without my blankie.

I own a snow shovel, but many folks in town are stuck using garden spades to clear their walks. And another dump is coming down right now.

My ex is snowed in, so my kids are missing their weekly vist with him. And the 90mph winds you guys didn't get in Seattle rattled my windows all night. I'm wondering if I ought to go top up my propane tank--just in case the power goes out and we have to barbeque our Xmas turkey. Although thawing it will be something of a problem...

MB (Leah) said...

You know, I'm really surprised that you guys don't get that cold or snow even. Probably for the same reason we don't, you're surrounded by water. But I thought since you're so much further north that you'd all be frozen up there most of the year.

Same here with prep. Although we did have de-icer before all this started, we've used it all since it's been one storm after another this last week. sigh.

And our road doesn't get sanded or plowed until a day or two after, so we're screwed.

So I can commiserate with you.

Bhuvan Chand said...

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The Man said...

I shovelled my driveway yesterday in -40 conditions. I had to use all three of my shovels. Yes you read me right; I own and must use three different types of shovel to clear the snow off of my driveway. I came inside with a tear frozen to my cheek, that’s all I have to write

laughingwolf said...

season's blessings to you and yours, m'dear k :D

kirsten saell said...

I came inside with a tear frozen to my cheek

All right, all right, I'll stop whining now! Sheesh! Get Seeley to give you a big warm-up smooch--and give her one from me, will you?

And thanks Laughingwolf. :) Right back atcha!