Monday, December 29, 2008

One more Squee for 2008

AmyC has some more nice things to say about my writing, this time in a combined review of Crossing Swords and Bound by Steel. Here's a bit of what she wrote:

The depth of the relationship between Gil, Lianon and Kaela was extremely well thought out and very satisfying. The plot, the characters, their relatioships and interactions were wonderful, making both Crossing Swords and Bound by Steel highly engaging reads.

Mmmmmmm yummy, now that's good review!

Of course, now I have to get off my lazy butt and finish Chancellor's Bride. :)


Amy C said...

Me thinks I like making you squee :wink:!

And yes, yes, no laziness, please! :P

kirsten saell said...

You can make me squee anytime you like, Amy.

*waggles eyebrows*

And yes, yes, no laziness, please! :P

All right, never mind. Working... :P

Cindy W said...

Found you from Amy's blog and will be getting your book next month in paperback!

Amy C said...

Well, then, tell me all your little secrets so I know how to make you squee.

*puckers lips and blows kiss*

Cindy!! That is so awesome to know my pimpage is showing results!!

kirsten saell said...

Aww, Cindy, that is so cool!

Amy, you are the best pimp evah!! (That's a compliment, really, LOL)

Well, then, tell me all your little secrets so I know how to make you squee.

I wasn't aware there was any actual secret to making me squee. I'm usually pretty obvious about that sort of thing... *blinks innocently*

Amy C said...

Don't pimps usually take a percentage of profits?? haha

Just teasin! I'm happy to pimp. It's fun and you get involved so it can be very rewarding.

MB (Leah) said...

I'm so glad you're getting so pimped out! LOL

Your books deserve it, totally.

The more pimpage the better I think.

Seeley deBorn said...



kirsten saell said...

Thanks, Leah. It's nice to find readers who enjoy my books, although I'm still waiting on that first bad review. I mean, even with great books, there's always someone who hates it enough to say so. A "D"? Even a "C"? Anything? Helloooo!!!

Hey, Seeley. Yes. Squee.

*spank* rightbackatcha!

laughingwolf said...

grats k... and happy new year to you and yours :D