Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inspired... an intriguing but questionable conversation with...someone who shall remain nameless *ahem*, I have penned a new short story and posted it on my website under the dubious title of Purple Panties**. It is entirely, completely, thoroughly not my usual thing, but it kinda wrote itself in a few frenetic hours and I feel much better now.

You see? This is what happens when I talk to people. *sigh*

And y'all, comments are still open in my revenge-o-rama contest. You've got 'til tomorrow night to enter, so do it!

**And mom, just in case you don't pay attention to the tags, I'm gonna bold it here: Don't look, mom.


MB (Leah) said...

Damn, Kirsten, that was so hawt!

What a spicy little diddy you wrote to keep us entertained until your next book comes out.

Now my mouth is watering for it. LOL

MB (Leah) said...

Oh crap, I have to post again because of this next word veri that came up.

Tricksuc- buwahaha!

Amy C said...

That was so very good!

Is there really a man, or is that one lonely woman obsessed with her panties?? LOL

kirsten saell said...

Thanks, Leah! Of course, I won't be able to think of you without thinking of Tricksuc now. LOL

Hi Amy. I'd tell you the whole story. But then I'd have to kill you. :D

Amy C said...

Umm, yeah, I like being alive, so, uh, no need to tell me anything :)!