Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a couple of things...

Today is your last chance to get in on Amy's contest over at Romance Book Wyrm and have a chance to win one of these babies.

And believe me, they're even more gawgeous in person than they are on a screen.

Tomorrow is the big day for Crossing Swords. Out of the nest it goes to either fly or plummet. I'll be at SamhainCafe on the 28th, posting excerpts and generally making a pest of myself (yeah, what else is new?), although I'll also be working, so if anyone sees my boss coming, the signal is the call of a screech owl, followed by hollering "tippy-toe" three times. I'm thinking I'll probably do a bit of a contest myself, although I'll have to think up some fun and embarrassing things to make you all do to qualify. Hmmm....

Also, I've finished proofing my galley copy of Healer's Touch (only two real errors that I could find, and just a few other things to change. Yes, my editor and I are just that good. LOL). It's scheduled to release in print the third week of June, woot! AND, just Wednesday (the day I wrestled my dryer into submission and made it my bitch, I ROCK!!), I opened my email and found the galley for Bound by Steel. It's scheduled to hit print in August. So it's gonna be one happy summer for me, yay!

Also, FYI, the word-meter down aways and to the right-------> is a lying liar, and I'm too lazy to beat the truth out of it, so I'll just update you all here. Chancellor's Bride is currently sitting at 56 500 words, and I've rejiggered the estimated word count when complete to about 65k. So it's nearly 85% done. Perhaps it will even be finished in time to get under contract before my galley for BbS is due, so it can make it onto the Coming Soon page. Although, as I've discovered with this book in particular, holding my breath is kind of bad for my health.

So that's it for now. I'll see you all back here tomorrow, when I will hopefully hear the delightful flutter of little, baby wings, rather than the whistle-thud-kaboom of a falling bomb. :D


MB (Leah) said...

Congrats Kirsten, I hope it sells like ice cream on a scorchin hot day.

So many good things coming...woot! Summer's gonna be especially hot for the throngs that scarf down your juicy/hawt books! :D

Amy C said...

Wow, You have alot going on this year :). That is so awesome. I hope you do something special tomorrow to celebrate!

Oh, 85% done with Chancellor's Bride...I can't wait to read that one.