Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's the big day!!! (and a contest, too)

...and I've been doing pretty much nothing.

Okay, not true. I finished a short story I started last night--a 3000 word contemp erotica written in the present tense and first/second person POV. Totally not my thing, but I was... inspired. *ahem* I'll post it later in the week once I've polished it up.

I've also been wracking my brain for contest ideas. I so wanted to come up with something silly for you all to do to qualify, but then this post at Dear Author got me thinking about revenge and whether it's a trope that's attractive on a woman. I mean, revenge--like a crisp, white dress shirt--almost always looks good on a man. Considering some of the themes in Crossing Swords, I kinda thought the discussion was applicable.

So here's what you all have to do for your big chance to win a signed copy of my very first published book: Just tell me in the comments what you love/hate about revenge plots in romance. It can be a simple as"ZOMG, I love them!" or "I hate them because men are jerks," (and frankly you won't get much argument from me on the second one, these days, heh), or a detailed analysis of what kinds of plots work for you and which don't. Just gimme something. Anything.

Deadline is Friday, Jan 30, winner announced by Monday.
Just do it. You know you want to.


Anonymous said...

Revenge plots? What's not to love? I like good old fashioned adventure and revenge is one of the classics.

"You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Amy C said...

That line is from the Princess Bride, right? Man I have had this itch lately to watch that movie. Just today I was looking it up on amazon to purchase soon!

I don't like revenge plots in romances when it's between the h/h. Drives me nuts!

You don't have to enter me, I will have my very own (unautographed) copy soon! :)

I hope you've had a great day today!

Anonymous said...

Ahh..another chance to win!! Okay let's see...Revenge plots rock! I especially love revenge plots where the hero is somehow seeking revenge against the heroine for some past deed then ends up falling in love with her instead! OOOOOHHHH YEAH! HOT!

I'm going to follow Amy's lead and go ahead and pimp this contest on my sidebar. Thanks for another chance to win.

Oh, and THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP AMY!!! ((hugs))

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am down with revenge plots, especially if the heroine ties the hero to a bed to get her revenge. heh heh.

Blanche said...

Hi Kirsten! Thanks to Amy for letting us know about your contest!! :)Thanks for a chance to win your book!!

Let's see.....revenge plots. They can be lots of fun and for the most part I'm ok with them!!

Lea said...

Hi Kirsten:

I'm loving the second book in your series. It rocks.

I love revenge plots in a love story because it usually involves forgiveness on the part of the heroine or hero for them to have their HEA.

I like a revenge plot too when the hero or heroine gets the antagonist bad guy back for whatever dirty deed he's done.

Thank you for the contest Kirsten!

Best Regards

MB (Leah) said...

I'm reading a revenge story now and am loving it. But I agree with Amy, not between the h/h.

word veri: surato

kirsten saell said...

Hey, Chi! My name is Inigo Montoya...LOL I love love loved that movie, and he was half the reason for that. IMO, some people should die. In fiction, we get to make that happen without all the moral and ethical costs. It's very cathartic, really.

Hi, Amy, thanks for pimping my contest! I don't mind the odd revenge plot between the H/h, but only if the avengee actually did something (or is believed to have done something) serious enough to earn the hatred of the avenger. I've read some where the hero got all pissed over something that wasn't even the heroine's fault, then spends the whole novel making her miserable. I can see such a hero falling for the heroine, but I can't respect a woman who could fall in love with someone who craps on her. WTF?

Hey, Barbara! Thanks to you to, for the pimpage. And FYI, I used a quote from your blog for the print copy of Healer's Touch. :) I agree, the revenge on the heroine plot can be freaking hot! But sometimes he's such an ass that no amount of groveling at the end can redeem him--and that's speaking as someone for whom male groveling is better than sex. LOL

Hi, K.B. I think I should try writing a tie 'em down kind of revenge thing. I haven't done one as yet. At least, not the kind anyone this side of a psych ward would find sexy...

Howdy Blanche. I think revenge is one of my favorite tropes in any kind of book or movie. It's got the same appeal as justice, only it's deeper and more personal. And the avenger is usually all tortured, which I love in either a man or a woman.

Thanks, Lea! I'm glad you're enjoying it. And you're absolutely right. Half the appeal of revenge is forgiveness and redemption, whether the vengeance is exacted or not.

Heh, Leah. I almost want to write a H/h revenge book now, just to see if I can win you over, LOL.

Amy C said...

I agree with you, Kirsten, that the revenge would have to be totally justifiable. I haven't read many revenge plotted books that involved the h/h, but one I did I remember thinking that the hero really had no reason to hold such a grudge against the heroine. It wasn't her fault! I think most of my opinion rests with that one book, so who knows, if it were done right, I might like it.

I think you should do a revenge plot! I'm sure you'd do a great job and of course, I'd read it :).

Amy S. said...

Love revenge plots in books! Please enter me in the contest!

Anonymous said...

Oh, there's nothing better than the all powerful/I'll show you hero reduced to groveling, lol! Love it!

Oh, and don't thank me for any pimpage, thank Amy!!! She's has pimped her little butt off in regards to your books! And believe me, she did a good job. She got me to into your books! But I have to say she hasn't steered me wrong yet. And about the quote, THANK YOU! I'm very honored you would consider my review for that! :)

Tiah said...

Ohhh, I agree with Barbara. I like when revenge turns into a love story. But I'm just a big ole' softy! :0)

S.E. Savage said...

Revenge plots frusttrate me if they're poorly written. Bad characterizaton, melodramatic, etc. Whey they're written cleverly and with finess--and especially if the bas*ard gets it good in the end, then I'm all for them. :D

I seem to recall a really well-written revenge plot in an erotic fantasy I read once...hmmm...

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Kirsten,

Hmm...revenge plots...not a huge fan but if I love the author whose writing it, then I'll still pick it up.

Thanks for the contest!

Cathy said...

I like revenge plots when the hero and heroine team up together to fight the big bad.

Tanya said...

Revenge plots are important, it gives a the element of drama. Sometimes you might be rooting for the characters plotting of revenge or cringing. But the fact is that you're intrigued and must find out how it ends. At least I do...lol

I'mm all for the angst in a good book

The_Book_Queen said...

I guess it really just depends on the book, the characters, etc. I've read a book before where I loved the adventure, the suspense and action of a revenge plot. But I've also read some where I just wanted to either throw the book across the room or grab the hero (or heroine) and shake them a few times.

But revenge plots between the hero and heroine in a romance just aren't my cup of tea. To me, doing that is not only annoying but seems to take away from the romance plot. They can have a revenge plan, but it has to be against some one else and it shouldn't take up more time than the romance when everything's all done.

sweetkitten said...

I agree with some of the other bloggers that it depends on the story, characters, etc. for a revenge plot to work. I've read some books where the entire focus was on revenge. When that's all a character is consumed with, it doesn't translate well to developing a loving relationship for that character. If done right, maybe the focus on revenge turns into focus of another kind and bam. Cool story.
I freakin love that jeannielin brought up Inigo Montoya. That revenge plot rocked!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind revenge plots. I need it to be either be realized or the character to come to the realization that it won't accomplish anything. I don't like it when a character is weak when it comes to revenge, and shrugs it off for no valid reason. Not sure if that makes sense or not.... BTW, congrats on the print release!!!

robynl said...

revenge plots are fine so long as no one gets hurt literally. Between the h and h is fun to read about.

kirsten saell said...

Wow, it's really cool to see how different everyone is. Some like the revenge thing between the H/h, some only like it when they team up against a foe, some only like it if it's inevitably abandoned in favor of forgiveness (yay!) and maturity (boo!).

Lucky for me, there's a little bit of all of that going on in Crossing Swords--although forgiveness doesn't ever quite extend to the big baddie. He gets exactly what's coming to him. And in the most apt possible way... :D

Aislinn Kerry said...

I'm not a huge fan of revenge plots, at least the way they're normally done. But then, I'm not the type to swoon over an alpha male, either. I'm much more of a beta or gamma gal, myself. ;) And I think revenge plots do lend themselves to alpha types, which could be why I'm lukewarm over them.

That said, I love how the revenge is handled in CS -- we come in after the revenge has already been taken, and instead we're shown its aftermath, and the toll it's taken on Lianon. That's an aspect that usually gets neglected, and I really enjoyed that twist to it. :)

Kytaira said...

I love revenge plots. Maybe because in fiction they do the things I've sometimes wanted to do but only could in my fantasies!