Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting busy...

Not writing, so much, though I have been trying to find an hour or two every day to devote to finishing my many stalled WIPs. We'll see how that works out, heh. My editor hasn't heard from me in so long, she's probably gone through all seven stages of loss and accepted I'm gone for good. I can imagine seeing something from me in her inbox at this point would be as likely to induce severe myocardial infarction as pleasant surprise.

Mostly I've been trying to get my house in order--cleaning, washing walls, patching drywall, painting, getting the plumbing sorted out (the guys who built this place were clearly stoned, and according to my plumber, not overly concerned with legalities, either), getting ready to fork over some serious cash to deal with the drainage problems in the backyard, and summoning the will to trim out my laminate floor and grout my tiles.

In a week or two when the weather turns, I'll call my parents (otherwise known as the Fifth Elite Domestic Viking Brigade) in to help me haul a shit-ton of stuff to the dump and thrift store, get the lawn, flower beds and rock walls looking nice, and help my kids prioritize their belongings into two piles: 1) can't bear to part with this, and 2) pitch that shit in the dumpster.

Then it's time to stage the place and hopefully unload it before BC's Harmonized Sales Tax (11% on house sales and realtor commissions? yikes!) and new mortgage regulations for first time buyers (possible 20% down payment? double yikes!) get together in an orgy of fiduciary devastation and send property values plummeting.

So no, I won't be around the internets much, either here or elsewhere. Not that that isn't much of a change from the status quo, mind you. It's just that instead of moping, obsessing and contemplating the gruesome demise of the men in my life (except for my plumber, who has proved himself both useful and not a turd-ass), I'll be actually doing something constructive.

And if any of you all know how to slap paint on a wall or use a nail-set, you're welcome to come over and help me out. I have beer and sandwiches. :)


LVLM said...

While I miss the writing and have been looking forward to several stories, I know real life gets in the way often.

Too bad I don't live near you, I could use a beer and a sandwich. :)

I hope you manage to get it all together and sell before those nasty rules come in.

Wishing you luck.

Oh and plumbers? They know all about flexible couplings, right? ;)

kirsten saell said...

Come on, Leah. What's a 15 hour drive when it's for a good cause? LOL

As far as the writing goes, I've been so stressed out the last 18 months. I've had time, but couldn't get my head in the right space. Things are a little better now as far as being inspired, but now I have no time, lol. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to finish something before summer.

But man, those new rules are giving me an ulcer--it's like a double-whammy, because my place is the perfect starter home, and first-time buyers are the ones who'll be hardest hit by the new mortgage regulations. And with the tax going up from 5% to 11% on the same freaking day, well, that ain't helping either. I can see losing $30-40k off the sale price if I can't close before July 1.

Still, either way, I have to unload this house, but I'd sure rather sell it for $145 than $110. Oy.

As to the flexible couplings, I am well aware that there is no skilled trade in existence with as much potential for dirty double-entendres as plumbing. A veritable cornucopia of flirtastic goodness. Doesn't hurt that he's cute, either. :P