Monday, March 22, 2010

what the...

Okay, so I just brushed my hideously shedding dog, and the pile of hair I got was bigger than the dog. And yet she still has hair on her body. In fact, she looks no smaller and no less fluffy than she did before I brushed her. WTF? How is this possible?

In other news, due to two power surges yesterday, my toaster oven is...uh, toast. Wonder if I can find an el-cheapo one at the local bargain store? If not, that's the end of my bacon-wrapped chestnut addiction for a while. But at least the fridge (my beautiful new fridge, OMG), which issued some seriously disgruntled noises when the lights flickered, seems to have recovered and is chugging along nicely.

In other other news, next Sunday is my last night of work at the local Chinese joint--doctor's orders. And strangely enough, a lot of old, favorite customers, some of whom hadn't been in in over a year, came in to eat last night. It was like revisiting my past or something. Surreal, and kind of sad, but at least with one less thing to angst and stress and obsess about, I won't end up committed anytime soon. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully... Heh.

I've been plodding along on the upgrades to the house, while at the same time trying to tame the heinous mess my kids leave in their wake--which is all the more heinous because it's migrated from the bedrooms I'm working on right into the middle of my living room.

Oh, and I posted a new story on my website. It's been on my hard drive for a few months, but I was feeling lazy and unmotivated and signing into my webhost is just SUCH a bother, lol. Standard disclaimer applies: it's dirty (like you all didn't already know that). And Mom? Don't look.


Cathy in AK said...

I vacuum up a new pet or three almost every day, and still have to brush our dogs outside to keep it somewhat managable. And I swear, our one cat should be bald.

RE: your new story...tres hot! And definitely N.S.F.M. (Not Safe For Moms) : )

kirsten saell said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one engaged in the battle of attrition that is pet hair control. It was kind of crazy--one stroke and the brush was full.

I was thinking of just coating her with shellac so it all comes off in one nice shell.

Thanks on the story! But disturbingly, my mom doesn't always heed my warnings. She's read the odd erotica piece I've posted, and seems completely unrepentant about it. Part of me is totally squicked by this, yet another part silently hollers, "you go, mom!" Of course, I naturally came by my penchant for smut--my grandmother adored trashy romance novels (the kinkier the better) and used to watch Baywatch in the nursing home (and it wasn't for the excellent writing or top-notch acting, IYKWIM). And my dad? I can only hope to one day be the dirty old man he is.