Monday, August 17, 2009

All ur head are belong to us!!

So the rotten little girl was at my house when I got home from work Friday night.

Not IN the house, mind you, because she's not allowed. But she was standing outside the downstairs window with a Gamecube controller, playing Smash Bros with my three kids. My buddy (who's living with me until the end of the month) wasn't aware my daughter and her "friend" were playing fast and loose with the letter of the law, but had been wondering why the dog was growling and barking the whole time I was gone (George used to belong to my bud when she lived three houses down from rotten little girl, who made a habit of taunting and harassing the poor thing--the dog absolutley detests her).

This girl is absolutely the worst kind of influence. At only 11 years old, she's already manipulative and sneaky, and her parents just do not keep track of her. She'll knock on your door at 7 AM on a Saturday, and not go home until after 11 at night--and they don't even worry. They don't wonder where she is or what she's doing, or even whether she's eaten. They once phoned at around midnight wondering if I might know where she was. They didn't seem distraught. The mother told me "Oh, I know she's probably just sleeping over at a friend's house." WTF?

And she has lice. Ugh. I have a friend who works at the elementary school. She told me she spent the whole school year having the girl and her sister shower at school (they don't at home), and trying in vain to get rid of the damn things. But without the cooperation of the parents, it's a losing battle. And it's now been six weeks of summer vacation. Six weeks since the last treatment. I can only imagine the level of infestation at this point.

And guess who now has the little bastards crawling around in their hair? My damn kids. There were no nits to speak of (that I could see), but Blammo, especially, is crawling with the little buggers.

So guess how I get to spend my days off? Scrubbing my kids' heads with extra-strength Denorex (apparently salicylic acid works well), and washing all the bedding in hot water. I am overjoyed, as you can probably tell.

I rinsed them all with vinegar tonight, combed through their hair and picked out all the adults I could find. By the time I was done, it was almost midnight.

All I can say is, "Some people's kids..."



MB (Leah) said...

What a mess Kirsten. I hope you get it all cleaned up without having to do too much.

And whatever you do, ban those kids from coming over outright. If it embarrasses them, then maybe it's what they need to take care of themselves since their parents can't be bothered.

Kind of sad actually. But you have your own to deal with.

kirsten saell said...

Well, I think I caught them in time, because the boys' heads are completely clean, and Daughter only had one adult and no nits when I went through her hair last night.

I remember when I was a kid, you weren't allowed back in school until your head came up clean. I know headlice aren't a huge health issue, but I do think some parents need more of a push to deal with the problem than just social stigma. If those girls were absent from school for months, the ministry of child and family services would have investigated and maybe something would be done about the way they're being neglected...

It is sad, because it's not really their fault. Their parents take better care of their dogs than their kids. Sigh.