Monday, August 10, 2009

August Excerpt Monday!

Time for yet another Excerpt Monday. This week, for lack of anything more timely, it's a snippet from my recent Samhain release, The Chancellor's Bride (m/m/f polyamorous erotic fantasy romance), which is selling like whoa and like damn at MBaM (but could always do better *ahem*).

And miracle of miracles, this excerpt is actually clean enough for my mom to read (if she were so inclined), but hopefully intriguing enough to, uh...intrigue you all. Yeah, so I used "intrigue" twice in the same sentence. It's late. Go ahead and sue me, I dare ya.

Hope you guys enjoy it. If you do, and you want a copy for nothing but a cheesy pick-up line, allow me to direct you to my currently stagnating cheesy pick-up line contest. Because the stagnant cheese is getting a little ripe--as stagnant cheese will--and all I need is a few more entries and I can wrap that baby up. :)

In other news, I am not in the nuthouse just yet. Ask me again in a week.


Anonymous said...

Great excerpt, Kirsten! Have a great Monday! *Hugs*

Evie Byrne said...

Ah, fun Kirsten! You know, I first read about these two (er, three) last year because you posted their interrupted sex scene at the last Diva crit -- I remember because it was one of my favorites. It's going to be a great book!

MB (Leah) said...

Not going to read the excerpt because I have your book sitting on my eBookwise and don't want to spoil it for myself.

But just popped in to say, glad you're still alive! LOL

MB (Leah) said...

Ooooh, next word veri that came up after my post-- a good name:

Sharamen- has a nice ring to it.