Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Okay, due to forest fires in our area creeping close to the power lines that service all of north Vancouver Island, they may be shutting off the power within the hour to minimize the risk to firefighters. It could stay out for as little as six hours, and it could be out for up to four days.

So if no one sees me around for a bit, don't worry too much. I'm just here in my dark house with four horrible children and nothing to entertain them but bickering. Maybe I'll have them fight to the death. Not only will they be entertained, but there will be less of them...


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MB (Leah) said...

Oh Crap! I hope that those fires don't get near those power lines... days... it will be days if they burn up.

Hang in there. And good idea for the kids!

3 times this week our power went out for a couple of hours. No good excuses though. This AM is was out for 3 hours during awake time and not having a computer to get on first thing in the AM, I got so much done! LOL

You can all sing Kumbaya at night around the flash light. Buwahaha!