Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update, the second

Well, my bud and her hellspaw--I mean, little boy--will be moving out. In a matter of days. I'd do a happy dance, but I'm too exhausted. Plus, I'm saving my strength to help her move, because despite my aversion to lugging heavy objects, I'm prepared to go that extra mile to get rid of h--I mean, help a friend in need.

This means that very soon my muse will rise from the ashes of stress and dirty dishes like some bloated, overweight Pheonix, glutted with scenes I've practically memorized but haven't had the time or a space of calm to put to paper.

This has happened before when things get stressful and busy here, and the ensuing episode of muse-barfing may not be pretty, but often proves to be hugely productive. Expect large jumps in my wordmeters.

In other news, the creepy crawlies of last week are gone. Unfortunately, an infestation of fruit flies has emerged to replace them. I've got a small bowl of rice wine vinegar on my kitchen counter, nearly black with their dead bodies. Also, a few larger ones impaled on bamboo skewers and displayed in prominent places as a warning to others. Too bad the little suckers are too dumb to choose another house to set up camp in, and opt instead to perish by the hundreds in my acrid, culinary pool of death. Die, arthropod scum, DIE!!

Ahh, the joys of summer.

In still more news, my royalty statement from July--which reflects a mere ten days of MBaM sales for The Chancellor's Bride--is almost three times the size of the largest of my previous statements, proving that two guys and a chick really do it for readers. I'll have to think more on this, and see if there are any more m/m/f stories lurking in the dark, evil recesses of my smutwriter's brain.

This does not mean, however, that I plan to abandon the hot girl-on-girl action anytime soon. Setting aside the dubious nature of metaphors that employ seafood and lady parts, I'd rather be a big fish in the small f/f pond than a small one in the vast guy-on-guy ocean. Money's nice, but it ain't everything.

Hugs. :)


jenn said...

congrats on getting your house back. :)

so, uh, when can I move in?

kirsten saell said...

Tomorrow. No wait, day after tomorrow. I have to clean the bathroom first. *shudder*

Now where's that haz-mat suit of mine?

Cathy in AK said...

It was very generous of you to open your home to your friend and her son, and I'm sure they're quite grateful. It definitely gives your karma a boost : )

Congrats on the sales. Yeah, m/m and m/m/f seem to have the edge over f/f or f/f/m, but I'm looking forward to a rise in f/f material. Though that may just be the unpubbed in me talking : )

This does not mean, however, that I plan to abandon the hot girl-on-girl action anytime soon.

Oh thank goodness!

MB (Leah) said...


Ah, the old muse-barfing problem. LOL

It's really nice of you though that you took your friend in. I'm sure she appreciates it even though it's been a bit rough.

Fruit flies... PITA. I cut the bottoms off of plastic water/soda bottles and put cider vinegar with some dish soap in them and put them all over. Works great.

I'm glad your book is selling so well! Yay! Gives you money to keep writing some f/f. I have to admit, m/m/f isn't my cuppa. Not as much as f/f at any rate. Still though, Chancellor's Bride is a fun book and up to your usual juicy writing. :)